E - Commerce

As an e-commerce company, you serve customers all over the world. That’s why you need to provide your customers with universal support. Relying on your in-house team is often not enough. To boost profitability and reduce expenses, outsourcing to Prosperio is an excellent option to increase your online sales. It allows you to focus on developing and marketing new products and services to improve your profitability and keep a competitive edge.

Whether you are a large corporation or SME/SMB, we will meet your requirements perfectly. In Prosperio we’ll be able to suit you up with a tailor made support team, syncing in with your preferable time zones and meeting your client’s needs and requirements.

As Prosperio, we will cover all promising verticals that your shop or business can benefit from:

  • B2C/B2B direct support
  • Telemarketing Customer Service
  • Chat Support
  • Upselling paying customers
  • Prospecting and Reviving abandoned “at cart” shoppers


We can solve problems