Ecom School Case Study: Redefining and Adjusting Customer Support and Sales

October 27, 2020

By Eliad Yahalom

About ECOM:

The College of Online Professions and Internet Entrepreneurships  (ECOM) trains digital high-tech professionals in entrepreneurship and networks. It is accredited by the  Ministry of Education and recognized by Cisco.

 Main Challenges:

  1.     Enhancing the ongoing daily operation
  2.     Expanding the number of sales agents
  3.     Boosting the customer’s life-time value (LTV)
  4.   Establishing a new call center with more staff


After meeting Prosperio’s CEO Eliad, ECOM’s founder Idan Roe decided to engage Prosperio to optimize ECOM, taking it to the next level and adapting it to the American market.

After an intense learning and training process, Prospero established a  team that was the perfect fit for meeting ECOM’s needs, and started the onboarding process. Prosperio’s positive impact on ECOM’s daily operation was immediate. Prosperio was able to not only reduce the unattended and unresolved customer issues, but also make the working disciplines more efficient through a brand-new customer service department.

Once the first phase was implemented, Prosprio trained dedicated and experienced top-notch salespeople for boosting ECOM’s sales.

Furthermore, Prosperio revitalized ECOM by deploying professional customer service staff and sales reps, resulting in doubling the number of boots on the ground within 3 months.

Bottom Line(s):

  • Prosperio, through meticulous prep work and management skills, improved Ecom School ROI drastically,  and managed to create and sales funnel that proved groundbreaking in terms of increasing client’s LTV by over 30%.
  • Training and recruiting the right agents to support Ecom’s clients resulted in 100% resolved and attended tickets, and created an overwhelming customer’s satisfaction level.
  • Expanding the sales and support departments, to a point of establishing a new floor within 3 months.


“Prosperio took what might have been perceived by some as an unattainable challenge and managed, with sheer professionalism and dedication to details, to make it a reality”  – Idan Roe, Ecom School’s Founder

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